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Next WDI Class starts January 20, 2015

WDI Application 

WDI Curriculum Sample 

HACF Scholarship Application

The Workforce Development Institute [WDI] has a purpose to help identify Freeport as a “workforce ready community” and promote self-sufficiency.  WDI is open to the public and looks to serve the unemployed through soft skills and specialized trainings and referred employees by local employers to improve employee performance.  All participants will take the Work Keys Assessment and goals will be established for progress to be evaluated during the WDI program.  Successful completers of the proposed 72-hour Workforce Development Institute will earn a Certificate of Workforce Readiness that will also be recognized by local employers in addition to the Work Keys Certificate.  

Participant Eligibility:  Anyone 17 years or older willing to sign the WDI Participation Agreement.

Target Audience:  Unemployed seeking to gain employment and employer referred employees seeking to strengthen employee longevity through learning soft skills.

Timeframe:  The Program will begin with a morning program meeting Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 8:30 am – 11:30 am.  The Program will run for 8 weeks with the last week being an onsite work study program at FHA.

Location:  Empowerment Center

Class Size: 12-15

Cost:  $300/individual, which includes the Work Keys and Talent Assessments and all materials.  HACF Residents may apply for financial assistance through FHA Scholarships; please ask Odessa Walker at 815-232-4171 ext 1012.  For those employed, please consider asking your employer to sponsor you.  For those unemployed, please check with community resources that fund educational opportunities.

Road to Success Program Curriculum:   

 Week 1 – Positive Attitude and Behavior

-Values and Personal Ethics in the Workplace


-Taking Direction and Accepting Criticism


 Week 2- Adaptability

-Take WorkKeys Talent Assessment

–Recognizing strengths and work limitations

-Overcoming obstacles

-Recognition of respect for diversity

-Organizational skills

-Ability to learn and adapt

Week 3 - Responsibility

–Time Management

-Money Management

-Working under pressure and deadlines

-Goal Setting

 Week 4 - Professionalism


-Emotional intelligence

-Interpersonal Skills

-Private/Professional Life

-Dos and Don’ts of Social Media


-Personal Development

 Week 5 - Problem-solving 

-Problem solving skills

-Critical thinking

-Numeracy (use of data)

 Week 6 - Communication

-Negotiation Skills

-Conflict Management

-Value Diversity/Differences

Week 7 - Teamwork

-Teamwork Skills

-Value diversity and differences

 Week 8 

-Take WorkKeys Assessment

-Job Seeker and Interview Skills


-Connect with Mentor and Employers 

WDI -Journal Standard

Congratulations to the WDI Graduates!


WDI - Journal Standard 8/24/2013 Story

WDI Class I Graduates