Housing Authority of the City of Freeport

We look forward to this year in working with the Freeport community to continue explanding and strenghtening affordable housing and our resident services.

In moving forward with affordable housing, HACF submitted the RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) Program application to HUD. RAD is a funing mechanism tfor affordable housing and upon HUD approval, the HACF would be in a position to convert some or all 446 units of public housing to the RAD funded program that establishes a predictable, long-term rental assistance contracts with HUD, at subsidy rate equal to or higher than the operating capital subsidies currently provided to HACF. With a much larger response than anticipated, HACFs' RAD applications are currently on a waiting list. We plan to remain focused in strategically building redeveloping units in the Freeport community to improve and increase housing options.

Mr. Larry Williams/CEO

We believe that equal investment in our resident and properties is needed for sustainable success moving forward. We plan to maintain our core mission, "Committed to building strong communities by providing quality housing and empowerment opportunities to families in partnership with community resource providers."

A sincere thank you to all of our partners in providing resources to aid our resident in personal development and self-sufficiency and arm them with knowledge and resources to reach their fullest potential. We plan to refine and re-exam the current resident services programs. In doing so, we look to extend our reach and increase the efficiency of our processes. We believe this will equip us to have an even stronger impact on the families we serve, providing the continuity necessary to continually cause positive change.

We plan to continue developing and refining our Workforce Development Institute (WDI) Program to more accurately address the current needs in the workforce. There will be an emphasis on improving the WDI curriculum, increasing participation and obtaining necessary copyrights/trademarks as needed. In addition to these goals, we plan to introduce the Junior WDI to specifically help our youth in the workforce. We believe that the earlier our youth start developing soft skills, the more successful they will be in the career of their choosing.

"A hand up, not a hand out"

Conversations Over Pizza

The mission of Conversations Over Pizza is to create an environment where community members and the local police force can meet over pizza to discuss their concerns and leave with solutions!