2013 - Unemployment is an ongoing issue in the United States and people become unemployed for a number of reasons. Out of a 2011 Northwest Illinois Development Alliance (NIDA) Workforce Development Committee Survey with 76 employer responses, attendance, attitude, work aptitude, well-groomed, and courteous were among the skills lacking in current job applicants. A local employer confirmed the importance in early 2013 that 17 percent of employees were terminated for attendance issues and another 25 percent of the production workforce is in jeopardy of job termination due to attendance. Through Mr. Williams’ involvement on the Workforce Development Coalition and other community committees and communication with residents and employers, Mr. Williams heard from employers of the workforce lacking soft skills and from residents and community members regarding the challenges of securing and maintaining employment. A solution to the problem - In 2013 Larry Williams created, developed and implemented the Workforce Development Institute [WDI], an extensive, hands-on, 72-hour curriculum to address employment barriers. WDI focuses on soft skills of positive attitude and behavior, adaptability, responsibility, communication, problem-solving, professionalism, and teamwork.

Housing Authority of the City of Freeport

The Workforce Development Institute is the brainchild of Larry D. Williams. It was created to serve a need in the local community in response to Employer needs.

90% of Graduates have retained Employment!

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